i’m sure that where is a will there is a way. So difficult what happen, it does not matter if we have confinced. I felt can’t match in notary so difficult to me studying about privatrecht, want to give up but i can’t. I always remember my parents, i must try and study hard to become a notary. Wish me can prove to my beloved parents…


Photography 101: Shape, Line, Texture, and Pattern


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Now that we’ve covered a number of fundamentals in photography, from composition and light to focus and POV, let’s now think about elements out in the world that we can use to create more visually interesting images: shapes, lines, textures, and patterns. Today, we’re excited for photographer Evan Zelermyer, the blogger at Urban Mosaic, to share his ideas and illustrate shape, line, texture, and pattern through his urban, architectural, and abstract photography.

Urban Mosaic is the result of many years spent exploring New York City’s five boroughs, searching for interesting sights and finding lesser-known nooks and crannies. New York is a large and varied place, and serves as an endless source of visual inspiration. The goal on my blog is to provide a fresh perspective on familiar urban sights (streets, subways, architecture, etc.), and also to reveal hidden beauty in the marginal, little-noticed details of everyday city life.


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